Thursday, April 26, 2012

A "spring" in our step!

Hand print butterflies! Blue and yellow make.... GREEN!

Somebody brought Twister for show and tell, so we took a minute to play! We love show and tell.
After picking out the individual letter of their name, they made "katrpelrs" during our butterfly unit! :)
Officer Dudley came and talked about what he does, and even let the kids push the button for his sirens!
Footprint patterns, we tried catching the bad guys by finding out their patterns!

We had Miss Vanessa come and teach us about being a veterinarian! She even brought a cat, dog and PIG! It was so much fun!

Spray painting in the art center! So messy, but so fun!
On Saint Patricks Day we were lead on a scavenger hunt from a leprechaun! When we came back to the classroom, he had made a mess, peed in our toilet, and left this note with a bucket full of treats and GOLD!
Easter grass, tweezers, plastic bugs and bug catchers in the sensory table.
Sunny weather means sunny activities!
This is so silly, but the kids LOVE it! They are laminated teeth, they draw "sugar bugs" on them with dry erase markers and brush them off with toothbrushes. Always a hit!
Some cute St. Paddy's Day attire.
Magnet dolls during center time.
This cute girl has hair styles that go with the show and tell letter of the day, here is "R," so cute!
We toured McDonald's and then got to have a treat for one of our field trips.
We grew alligators during our unit about baby animals.
We had baby chicks come and visit our classroom!
Breaking out of a chrysalis during our butterfly unit!
"Jennifer Lopez" the guinea pig came to visit our class. :)
We dance a lot. :)
Silly bugs on bug day!
Our dramatic play center as a "pool party!" Complete with a pool, life jackets, goggles, sunscreen, fish, and towels.

Dyeing Easter eggs!
On Ice Cream Day we made homemade ice cream and played fun ice cream games! 
I can't believe that there are only 3 short weeks left of preschool! I am having a hard time with that, I don't want any of these cute kids to leave me! :( They are just way too much fun.


  1. oh my gosh, you are the best preschool teacher EVER. can maxson please come to your preschool when he's old enough? :)

  2. Oh my, "Jennifer Lopez" how funny! This makes me excited for Ary to start, I'm so happy she gets to come do preschool with you!